Game Dev Starter Pack

    Ever since I started making games there are always people I begin talking to about making games that want to start, but don’t know how. So I have begun to compile a list of amazing tools with respective tutorials, compilations, and just all around a good package to get you started in whatever you want to do to create games whether it’s programming, art, or audio, and a good sprinkle of design in there. And my personal favorite part about this list is that everything is completely free so there is no reason to at least check it out! Remember everyone started somewhere, there was a time when even Hideo Kojima, Sid Meier, and Gabe Newell had never made a game, and look at where they are now! So go to town on this step-by-step helping guide, and happy developing!

Where to start:


Step 1: Watch some tutorials and learn the very basics of what you want do.

Game Programming & Engines:

Art Software:


Step 2: Join a game jam to start making some GAAAAMMMEESSS YESSIR

Game Jams and Game Jam Hubs:

Royalty-free assets: (for helping you fill the holes if you can’t find a full team)

Step 3: Join some communities, blogs, podcasts, youtubers, etc. and share your game so you can say YOU MADE YOUR FIRST GAME…… THAT IS IMPRESSIVE AF (doesn’t matter if it wasn’t finished or polished, I know mine wasn’t. What matters is that you made it, and it’s yours.)

Open Game Dev Communities – Joining these kinds of things is amazing to keep you motivated

Game Dev Blogs/News/Information


Game Dev Youtubers:

Places to easily show off your game:

Step 4: Fall in love with making games, and then try and spend your life making games, and so hopefully you will want funding, and marketing tips, thus…. down below.



Step 5: Look at a bunch of other resources that I have found that I wish I would’ve known about when I started

Other compilations:

Anything else that I find cool:

If you got to the end of this bad boy then I’m glad you were interested enough to get here xD so always be sure to spread,

Peace ✌️ Love ❤️ Games 🎮

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