When: September 7th 2017 at 8:00pm to September 14th 2017 at 5:59pm

Anti-Virus was orginally a proof of concept created by me for a game pitch contest my first semester at EKU. I fully plan on coming back to work on it in the future, but at this time this will the the state it will be in. All of the art is placeholder art as it was meant to be a concept for others to see.

This was my first prototype that wasn’t through a game jam. The initial idea for the game was that you would use your entire keyboard to play the game. Each key you pressed moved your player throughout the dungeon, for example if you pressed X you would move to the X key, If you pressed Left Shift key you would move to that key, etc.

When: April 2018

After working on various other smaller projects I decided to come back to AntiVirus and flesh out the concepts I had in my head more. As I am not as artistically inclined this updated prototype I focused much more on the mechanics than anything else. Adding in dialogue systems, shields, multiple enemy types, and a few other additions, it isn’t close to it’s finished product but I’m proud of how far I got in the 2 months this prototype was worked on.

When: July 2018

A quick teaser of the 2D shaders I’ve been working on!

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