When: January 26th-28th, 2018

“Global Game Jam 2018”

Easily one of my favorite projects so far as I was working with a group of freshman also at my school: Noah Bush, Astro Reese, Michael Dubé,  Aron Gibson, and Johnny Carl. I still did all of the programming for the game, but Noah and Astro did art, Michael was our Sound Engineer, and Aron and Johnny were the level designers. It was really cool delving into the post-processing effects available for free with Unity, as well as building a lot of mechanics I had never thought about before such as the lights, transmission systems, and now a fancy tractor beam 😮 wow, such amaze

OOFO is a game about finding your lost alien friend amidst a city full of people trying to find out aliens exist, make sure you avoid all of the light otherwise you’ll have to zoom out of there so they can’t catch you! Try to find as many aliens on the ground as you can, and enjoy the atmospheric journey.

If you would like to see it in action, click here.

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